Hooray Ouray!

6 May

Original post: July 1, 2007

After 8 hours of driving we have finally reached Ouray, Colorado. It’s a teeny mountain town in the San Juan range of the Rocky Mountains, and it has to be one of the most beautiful spots in the state. Neil’s family has a cabin on top of a ridge that they built nearly 60 years ago and the view is incredible! The cabin itself is a very small, very typical mountain cabin and it has a big porch for just sitting around and taking in the scenery.

We are literally in the middle of nowhere, and as such, there is a lot of wildlife. Even in the first few hours that we’ve been here we’ve seen a bunch of deer and some fox.  Last night, Neil’s brother was bringing in the bird feeders and I asked if he did that so the raccoons wouldn’t get into them.

He replied, “Nope, we bring them in so the bears won’t destroy them.”

Apparently they’ve had numerous bear sightings right around the cabin, and there have also been some reports of mountain lions as well in the past few weeks. At the annual July picnic today there were three sets of people who have had their cars broken into by bears. This is becoming a problem as the tourists come up to camp and leave their food in the cars because they think the animals won’t get it. The animals are not stupid, and the bears have figured out that big plastic cooler=food, so when the cooler is in the car it becomes car=food. I am going to be really pissed if my car gets trashed by a bear. We have 3 big dogs, so I will not be leaving the cabin without at least one of them with me.

That aside, this place is ridiculous beautiful, here are some pics…

Front porch sitting

Town of Ouray, Colorado

The town is nestled in the bottom swatch of mountains there, so you may have missed it if you’re anything like me and happen to be distracted by all that majesty.


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