As I look at this list, I am a little stunned by how long it seems in comparison to some other packing lists we’ve seen.  We’ve included links to the actual product when possible.  As we post reviews, we’ll re-link to those reviews as well. *We updated our gear 6 months into the trip when we went back through the States for a week.  We also each added a pair of jeans, which we swore we wouldn’t do, but the world wears jeans and we’re glad we have them now.*

We did purchase many of these items specifically for the trip, and nearly everything was found on sale or discounted in some other way.  Buying summer travel clothing in the fall certainly helped as stores were clearing their stock to make-way for the new season’s arrivals.

As we packed, we attempted to find the balance between lightweight, sink-washable, quick-drying items…and things we loved that made us look and feel as close to our normal selves as possible.  Two months in I can safely say that we did a pretty good job of this.

Ashley’s Clothes

Columbia lightweight waterproof jacket – I can no longer find it online, but it was originally at an outlet.  It’s waterproof without being super hot in warm weather, and layered over a fleece it keeps me surprisingly warm.

Columbia Glacial Fleece– I left this on a bus in Valparaiso.  Super bummer because it was very compact, yet still quite warm.  Originally bought at an outlet for the amazing steal of $20.  Replaced with a Chilean brand fleece, which is nice, but not as compact.

EMS T2 Techwick long sleeve base layer.  Can be worn over a t-shirt, or as a real base layer.

Columbia Psyc to Hike long sleeve button up (in a plum color, not shown here) – looks good worn open over a tank, or buttoned.  Sleeves roll up and button to make it nearly short-sleeved.

Old Navy cotton long sleeve t-shirt -I  have had this forever, it is one of my favorite shirts.  Lightweight, great for when you have just a slight chill, or for sleeping.

V-neck short sleeve t-shirt (2) – Already owned, super comfortable, thin enough that they don’t take forever to dry. Kept one and changed one out for a new version/color of the same style while in NYC

ExOfficio Go-To Boat Neck – Cap Sleeve – A “nicer” t-shirt.  Very soft, yet dries amazingly fast. Changed out for a green cotton T from the Gap only because it was black and I looked like a ninja with black pants and a black shirt

ExOfficio Dri Lattice Tank (2) – I liked these so much that I got them in two colors. Kept the pink one, ditched the black one for a green tank from Gap

EMS Women’s Wanderer tank top – good tank, easily washed and dried by hand. Ended up hating this in hot weather…it made me sweat like crazy.  Traded for a pink tank from the Gap

Leggings – Mostly to be used as a base layer under pants in colder places, but also worn with a dress or longer shirt.

Capri running tights – Already owned. This might seem frivolous, but nothing else on this list is suitable for running, and I also wear these hiking.  Haven’t run since December (yikes!) so I ditched these

Columbia Just Right Straight Leg pants – Very comfortable.

Columbia Titanium Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible Pants – The dreaded convertible pants! These were the best of the million pairs I tried on, and unless hiking, I tend to wear them just as shorts.

Old Navy Bermuda shorts – Already owned, my favorite shorts. These took a million years to dry, so I changed them for lightweight goucho capris

Old Navy goucho pants – Have owned at least 3 pairs, but I bought these new for the trip.  These are technically pajama pants, but they are long, and comfy, and I have regularly worn them as just pants when it’s a little chilly. Ditched these in favor of the capri version above since we’re going mostly to very hot places in the second leg of the trip

ExOfficio Go-To Tank Dress – I love this dress.  It has a small zippered pocket to stash some cash in, and it washes and dries like a charm, but feels exactly like soft cotton.  You can wear it to the beach, or out dancing, or even to a wedding.  Amazing.

Scarf – decorative, already owned.

3 pair hiking socks – already owned.

3 pair lightweight socks – already owned

2 sportsbras – already owned

1 underwire bra – already owned

8 underwear (3 ExOfficio) -I have to say, I too am on the Exofficio undies bandwagon, they are amazing.

1 hat with full brim – It’s not your typical hiking hat.  It’s more like something Indiana Jones would wear and it’s technically for men, but I don’t care, I love it.

1 wool warm hat – already owned

1 brimmed cap (I know, a lot of hats, but I wear it regularly, it’s great for a bad hair day…) already owned

1 bathing suit – already owned

Merrell Moab GoreTex hiking shoes – I bought these and broke them in a few months before we left.  Overall I’m happy with them. Ditched these for lighter-weight Merrell trail runners.  Not waterproof, but way better for day-to-day use.

New Balance Minimus Trail Runners – Also bought and broke in over the summer.  I love these for running but they are also easier for walking around town in.  These got worn out and I replaced them with Teva sandals.

Flip flops – already owned.

Super cheap ballet flats – for ‘nicer’ times.  – already owned. Have worn them…but probably didn’t need them and when I have to make space, they will be the first to go.

Justin Clothes

Columbia lightweight waterproof jacket – Also bought at an outlet, but we can’t find it online anymore.

Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece – Great warm fleece, though not as compact as some of the more expensive micro-fleece jackets.

EMS Techwick midweight base layer – a more heavy-duty long-sleeve for cold weather hiking

EMS Techwick Essential Crew long-sleeve – a lightweight long-sleeve

Columbia button up long-sleeve – a “nice” shirt.  (It is similar to the link, but not exactly the right one) It’s comfortable, but can be worn out to a nicer restaurant…or to a wedding.

EMS Techwick Essential Crew short sleeve T-shirt (2) – Great t-shirts for hiking, and they can still be worn around town without looking too athletic.

Regular cotton tshirt (2) – already owned Changed these out for a few new cotton tees, and added one in Bolivia

Basketball shorts (for sleeping/lounging) – already owned

EMS Camp Cargo zip off hiking pants (2 pairs) – These were the best of all the men’s pants Justin tried.  When they zip off they come nearly to his knee (some brands were super short…which just looked odd) and the cargo pockets make them look more like what he wears at home.

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Short – Good cargo shorts that dry quickly

Eagle Creek Money Belt – This was a key find.  Functions as a real belt, but we regularly stash extra cash in it for when we are on long bus rides etc.

Long underwear – already owned

Swim trunks – already owned

4 pairs hiking socks – already owned

2 pair regular socks – already owned

5 Pair boxers (2 Exofficio) – Another ExOfficio convert, they are excellent.

Merrell Moab Gore Tex hiking shoes – Bought and broke in over the summer.

New Balance minimus runners – Bought after Ashley wouldn’t shut up about how great hers were.  She was right. These wore out and were replaced with a pair of converse.

Flip flops – Already owned

Foldable hiking hat – Essential for hiking.

Fleece hat – bought at a Columbia outlet, can’t find online, but it’s a basic fleece hat.


7 Responses to “Clothing”

  1. Col. Sanders January 2, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    Funny I got the same exact hiking boots at you guys! Great minds think alike. I will get the same boxers as Justin just so I can feel exactly like him…….

    • Ashley February 9, 2012 at 9:19 am #

      They are mighty fine boots, hope your first days of travel have gone well!


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