Packing List Part 3 – Electronics

19 Feb

Welcome to another installment of the packing list series!  If you haven’t checked them out already, head over to our “Things We Carry” page and check out our first two lists – ‘Clothing’ and ‘Medical and Toiletries’.

It’s the electronic age for sure in the world of nomadic wanderers.  Everywhere we go we see travellers with laptops, ipads, mp3 players of all kinds, smartphones, external hard drives…you get the idea.  We’ve brought along quite the assortment of electronic gadgets and gear, and we use everything regularly.

We’ve had fairly good luck with wifi, though in the smaller towns it’s a bit hit and miss in terms of quality and consistency.  We find that having a laptop with us makes it so much easier to plan our next location, stay in touch with family via Skype, deal with banking without worrying about using a shared computer, and download photos onto our external drive.  We could definitely get by without it, but I find it an easy luxury to justify.

Click on over to check out the full list of our electronic gear.


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