Packing List Part 2 – Med Kit/Toiletries

23 Jan

Like with our clothing list, we thought a lot about what we’d need to bring for medical and personal supplies.  At this point we’ve found that it’s been fairly easy to replenish most of the items we need as we use them up, and often we can find brands we recognize.  There have been a few items that we haven’t found, most notable are Band-aids of the fabric variety (I swear, those stay on way longer!) and athletic tape.

The only antibiotics we brought were a few Cipro pills, because everything else you can purchase easily over the counter.  When we got sinus infections in Peru we just waltzed right into a pharmacy and asked for the medication, which totaled less than $35 for both of us.

We try to stay organized and so far having everything in assorted sizes of zip-lock bags has worked well.

Stay tuned, in the next few weeks we’ll put up our lists for tech-gear and all the other miscellaneous items.  You can always check in at Things We Carry to see if we’ve updated anything.


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