Packing List Part 4 – Miscellaneous Gear

12 Mar

It’s time for another installment of the packing list series!  If you haven’t checked them out already, head over to our “Things We Carry” page and check out our first three lists – ‘Clothing, ‘Medical and Toiletries’ and ‘Electronic Gear’.

We’ve tried to be as prepared as possible for situations that we know we’ll encounter, but we also wanted to make sure that we were bringing things that were durable and that we’d use regularly.  For the most part we did really well in that regard, especially when it comes to the miscellaneous gear that we cart around.  There are a few exceptions though, the biggest being the pacsafe cable.  This was on a lot of ‘must-have’ lists we looked at, so we got one…and we’ve never used it.  Most of the hostels we’ve stayed in have had lockers, and when they haven’t, we just lock everything up in our packs using our regular luggage locks.  I’ve never felt the need to lock a pack to something, though I suppose that could happen somewhere down the line.

The other thing we haven’t really used much have been the backpack rain covers.  We’ve seen people who keep them on practically all the time, but we just haven’t found them necessary at this point.

Click on over and check out  the full list of our miscellaneous gear.


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