Grocery Shopping, China Style

22 Jul

Original Post: July 24, 2007

On our way home from shopping the other day, we stopped by Carrefour, the huge local grocery store.  It’s like a super Wal-Mart with all kinds of items for the house, yard,  and a full grocery section. I have to say, there is some strange stuff  in that store.  There were dozens of fruits and veggies I’ve never seen, you can buy live sea creatures for dinner – they have big tanks of fish, turtles, frogs, eels, and more creatures that I couldn’t identify. While we were standing there one of the fish leaped out of the tank and was flopping all over the floor.  

My, what big, prickly fruits you have...

They're better fresh apparently.

Can't have them scuttling away

They also have HUGE vats of rice, you just get a bag and fill up as much as you need.   Next to the rice vats is a whole isle devoted entirely to soy sauce, akin to our salad dressing section.

Rice. Is it really filled all the way to the bottom? What happens to all that bottom rice that never gets scooped up? Does it get rotated? So many questions.

There’s a prepared food section as well with loads of tasty looking dumplings and rolls, we picked up a few to have for dinner tonight, though we are less than clear on what exactly is inside them.

Still have no real clue what was inside these, but all were delicious.

Also delicious!


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