Four Days

29 Oct

We haven’t been able to post much in the last few weeks due to the total mania that has taken over our lives in preparation for our departure…which is in four days. FOUR. DAYS.  It’s hectic to say the least.

Two weeks ago we dropped our cats off with some amazingly fabulous friends in NYC who have taken on the task of cat-sitting for, you know, a year.  No biggie.  We were so very sad to leave them, but we’re also very grateful that they are in such a good home.

A week ago we packed our car to the brim with the last of our belongings and headed back to Colorado, which is where our stuff will live while we are away.

In the last 3 days we’ve somehow mostly conquered our giant to-do list.  I am truly amazed by this, mostly because every time we crossed something off we ended up adding at least one or two more items.  I was in a total panic for a few days, but somehow we’ve come through to the other side and only a few things remain, including getting a travel wedding band.

I have gone back and forth about whether to take my ring or not, but in the end I’ve decided I need to have a cheap travel one.  My tendency to lose things is incredible, and I would really be heartbroken to lose that ring.  I have child-size fingers, so I assume I’ll have to shop at Claire’s, which means I have to go to the mall….which means I might need to eat a hot pretzel.  And maybe an Orange Julius.

We have pretty much packed, so that’s good.  I say pretty much because my one pair of hiking pants, and my one dress are still in my mom’s basement, covered in pins, ready to be altered.  Nothing says procrastination like waiting until the last minute to make sure major items of your wardrobe actually fit!

Four days.  Must go take some deep cleansing breaths now…


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