Rocky Mountain High

10 Jun

Original Post: July 13, 2007

My family is really close to Rocky Mountain National Park, so we decided to head up there for a hike. We only were able to go a few miles before it started looking like serious rain, so we headed back down the trail and decided to just drive around for a bit since it was Justin’s first time in the park and we weren’t sure if we’d make it back there this trip. You can go all the way to the very top of the peaks and there is still snow! We went up another old dirt jeep road and then took a quick hike to what seemed like the top of the world. It’s crazy how much the temperature changes with the altitude…95 degrees at the bottom, 65 degrees at the top!


Justin and the 'Very Big Rock'

Hiking was going well at this point

Valley in RMNP

At the top

Looking out across the mountains


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