The Last Day of Ouray

3 Jun

Original Post:  July 9th, 2007

The last full day we were in Ouray we went to go see Box Canyon Falls, and Yankee Boy Basin, both right outside of the town. Box Canyon Falls is a tiny little hike away from town that leads to a waterfall.  The water flows through these huge holes in the rock that are almost sculpture like.  You can get pretty close to the falls and there are some great views through the narrow little canyon.


Views through the rocks

Rainbows in the falls

Yankee Boy Basin is a valley in between some of the bigger mountains and you have a take a crazy little jeep road to get there. I thought we were going to fall off the cliff pretty much the whole time and Justin, who was sitting cliffside,  was actually attempting to climb over me to get away from the edge.  In the early summer, which is July this high up in the hills, the wildflowers are stunning and the canyon is filled with colorful flowers.  The snow melt is at its peak during this time as well so the rivers are gushing and waterfalls are plentiful.

The road to Yankee Boy Basin...and we thought the road to Silverton was scary!

Waterfalls in the Basin

The Columbine - Colorado's state flower

Mountain meadows in bloom


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